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This tiny Super Mario cake was for a 1 year anniversary! Blarg! so cute!! Customized to fit the couple (the dark haired princess!) Uh - I LOVE super Mario! As with anyone my age…or any age…I grew up playing Mario! And I have been waiting to do a Super Mario theme cake for some time!!! I was thrilled when I was asked!!! :)

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Well hello! It looks like it’s been a little while since I was really on here… sometimes that darn Facebook gets the best of me! Haha you can find me @  lol … Just sayin. There are daily updates and photos and the occasional contest over there!! *pssst** Stay tuned for a Christmas contest coming up!! 

Anyway, this cake was delivered this afternoon for  a birthday party. I got this in response.. “Molly, post away! She just got home from work and loooved it!!!! She said it is the best cake she has ever seen. Thank u so very much 🎂
It makes me SO happy when I get responses like that! It makes the long hours seem like nothing! (This cake took a very long time last  night…I’m not overly familiar with Zelda and I struggled to get some shapes and the feel of the cake just right…eventually I got it though!!)

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Guitar Cake!! I made this for my father in law on his birthday!! :) You can probly guess…he plays guitar!! This guitar actually. He was thrilled with the cake and the detail!! :) It was a good day.

This cake is not like the cakes I usually do. I haven’t done to many cakes for boys! I did one just this weekend(stay tuned!!) and have a possible cake order in December for a ‘guy’ cake :) It’s a nice change! (I still love pink and girly though hehe)

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